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WordPress contest plugin: Contests by Rewards Fuel

Run contests directly from your WordPress website. The WordPress contest plugin makes embedding contests simple, you may use shortcodes, or our the block editor block.

Get started with our WordPress contest plugin in 3 easy steps

  1. Download and install our app, or search for "Rewards Fuel" from your plugins screen.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Create a contest or pick a contest you want to embed in your post or page.

Reviews from our WordPress plugin page

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Excellent support and plugin


Hello, I wanted to leave a review for this amazing plugin to help others who maybe search for something like this. As I was looking for WordPress plugins to create contests for my website, I saw RewardsFuel and decided after too much thinking to buy Promoter Pro version. So, after all, I already run a contest since two weeks now and I’m very happy from the result and progress. Except from that, customer support is also pretty much great since you can receive feedback within a day. Overall, I recommend this plugin to anyone and hope for great updates in the future. Thank you.

Great Plugin and Support


They delivered well on their promise, and at a good price too



We used Rewards Fuel for a recent contest we ran and were very pleased with the ability to take our contest to the next level. Rochelle was very helpful and worked with our team throughout the entire process!

Superb Contest Platform


A superb platform for running your contests on, with excellent support. I would strongly recommend you use this plugin and if you have any questions simply contact the support team to get them answered quickly.

I love this platform


I’ve only just discovered these guys and so far I am nothing but impressed. Reasonable pricing, easy to use and support came back to me within the hour with answers to my questions. The UX needs a little work but I will 100% bee using these guys from now on.

The Best Contest Plug In around!


I rarely leave reviews but I’d like to say Kudos to the developer and the customer service team! They go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Some of what separates this contest plugin from the rest are the following:

– easy to use and customize
– the speedy response of support
– excellent developers
– bang for the buck

Do not hesitate to sign up and try this plugin. I’m sure it’ll be beneficial to your business!

The ONLY contest tool needed!


We are new to a tool like Rewards Fuel and wanted something with minimal learning curve. We needed to get a contest set up and live as quickly as possible and RF fits the bill.

Their support is wonderful holding our hand throughout the process.

Thank you to the Rewards Fuel team and keep up the great work!



They delivered well on their promise, and at a good price too

Great features and great support.


We have been using this plugin for some time now and it has been great for increasing our social following and engagement.

Whenever we have uncovered issues (glitches etc) and have reported them, the team has been really fast at communicating and actually resolving the issue.

We have tried a few other methods for competitions in the past (including Gleam) but this has stood out, mainly because of the number of options available and the great WordPress integration.

Great budget alternative to Gleam, Rafflecopter et all


After considering various providers to host my contest, I finally settled on Rewardsfuel, and I am glad I did. I wanted the wide range of entry methods offered by Gleam, but found that service too expensive. While Rewardsfuel still has some catching up to do in terms of the customization offered by Gleam, (at least at the time of writing this review), I was assured that it is getting there in future releases. I had multiple entry methods in my giveaway and to my delight, they worked seamlessly. Facebook like, twitter retweet, viral share, question/answer entry, Mailchimp integration, Facebook pixel integration – all worked fine. Rochelle, the support person who interacted with me, was super helpful, and resolved my questions and concerns promptly.

All in all, a good experience, and I will certainly be using this plugin for my future giveaways.

Awesome Contest Plugin to add value to your business – Support is really good!


Really enjoy this plugin to create my contests -I enjoy creating them and my customers enjoy partaking. Easy to use, great features for tracking contestants and the support is top-notch.

Best Contest Plugin


Reviewed quite a few contest plugins, and RewardsFuel had the most functionality, unlimited entries, and a great price. Once i’d decided, i found another reason to recommend them: their support is phenomenal. You get a personal contact, and Rochelle was great. She responded quickly, no matter what time it was.
And they went the extra mile to make changes to accommodate the Trade Show platform we needed. Highly recommended

Best Contest Plugin & Exceptional Support


I really like how easy this plugin is to use as well as how many options it gives me. I’ve only had one ever issue with it and it turned out to be my fault anyway – their support is very quick to respond and went above and beyond to help me. I definitely recommend.

Incredible tool and customer support!


Can’t rave enough about this tool and the people behind it! Easy to use, completely customizable, and at a GREAT price. At $30 a month, this tool offers more than other contesting tools at a much better price. The customer support is just incredible, quick to respond and help with any detail, big or small! I can’t wait to run more contests with this tool, the response we got was great! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!

Will definitely be using again.


I tried out Rewards Fuel for a contest that just ended. It was a very affordable solution as I only wanted it for 2 months. My only complaint was it was a little hard to figure out, if it could be simplified a little more it would be perfect. I have to admit though, the support was OUTSTANDING! Overall, a very good product that I will definitely be using again! I loved all the ways that a person could enter as well. It does everything the much higher priced packages do for far less!

The best competition tool!


I have just launched my first competition on RewardsFuel and it has been a great success!

After trying a few other competition platforms RewardsFuel was definitely the easiest to set up and create competitions.

The script is easy to copy and looks so professional on my website.

As the competition is running the instant access to analytics allows me to review marketing/advertising strategies.

My FB Pages doesn’t have 2000 followers yet, but I cant wait to add the comp button on my FB Page.

I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to run a web based competition.

Great to work with!


The Rewards Fuel contests are easy to navigate on the admin and user end. Anytime there is an issue or question, the team is very fast and efficient in resolving or advising.

Social media algorithms can be troublesome, but the RF contests make marketing and sweepstakes a breeze! Would definitely recommend!

Rewards Fuel


Very easy to set up and administer. Our rep, Rochelle, was incredibly helpful and responseful. Would HIGHLY recommend!

Affordable and Awesome!


Here’s why I loved this contest giveaway tool over the others I researched. It was very affordable to try out. I had never done a giveaway before and wanted to have low risk. It was very easy to set up and use. Very easy to install on my website! Awesome.

no no no


plugin cant connect with my account and it wont show any contests…

The Best and Easiest Contest Plugin out there!


I have been using Rewards Fuel for over 8 months now and in my opinion it is the best and easiest contest plug-in on the market.
Its easy to create contests, monitor them, pull lists and more. It also hooks up to all the major social media channels and even be linked up to Mail Chimp. It just takes the pain out of these sometimes difficult comps to run.
Whats-more its quite cheap to run for a blogger like myself and has scalable packages to suit every type of business.
I could not recommend this software more!
Try the free version and if you love it, just upgrade.

Great Plugin


This is a great plug-in, easy to use and the customer service has been excellent. The results I’ve seen from the plug-in are tremendous and I highly recommend.

Great Plugin


The plugin is easy to use and the customer service is top notch. From what I see it is only getting better.

Awesome program & support!


I love using this program! My account manager, Rochelle, has been so responsive and helpful in helping me navigate through creating contests, customizing them, and offering up awesome suggestions for improvements. Whenever I had a question or a concern, she was able to hand off any technical items to their developer so it could be easily adjusted. It’s clear to me that this company has a really cohesive team that works well together. Using this plugin is so easy, especially because I don’t know my way around WordPress. I would highly recommend this program and plugin to anyone who would like to create and manage contests with ease!

Great Tool. Amazing Support.


I have never received such thoughtful, helpful, and prompt support from any plugin developer or company. Ever. Amanda has personally reached out to me to see how things are going, giving me pointers, providing great developer tools, and just plane helping me optimize my campaigns to get the most out of them.

Every software has bugs now and then; that’s a known fact from anyone who’s ever developed. What makes the difference between good software and excellent software, in my opinion, is the support I receive. Hands down the best service, period.

That said, the functionality of the software is robust and complex; there’s a slight learning curve, however. But, anyone who as ever run a true Facebook Ad (not a Boosted Post), knows that the time is WELL worth the investment. The ROI you get out of learning Rewards Fuel is exponential.

In terms of cost, what’s a lead worth to you? Is one converted lead worth $100? $200? 1K? If you know what your leads are worth, then you know it’s a no-brainer to spend on the Promoter Pro Plan. As a WP web developer, I’ve earned my investment back 100 fold by creating, optimizing, monitoring and promoting Rewards Fuel campaigns for my clients.

Robust features and great support make this tool one of the best out there.
I HIGHLY recommend!


Brilliant, easy-to-use, makes comps simple


Been using this competition software since near the beginning of their early versions and have to say it is brilliant. I use it for about 8 comps a year and it just makes life so much simpler, and allows for a professional look and feel too which helps. Their customer service is fast and helpful – second to none, any issues I’ve had have been dealt with with empathy and with effectiveness. Could not recommend higher.

Smoke and Mirrors – Used Car Sales Mentality


Overall this app is not bad. It was fairly easy to setup – took me about 1.5 hours. But if you are entry level and looking for something that will scale with your brand this is not the one for you. The free features are not listed anywhere easily to find and just seemed like a gotcha every time I tried to look or add features. Pretty user friendly except for the issues that I will talk about later in this review. 2 stars because the gotchas and hidden features with the free version. Basically all the features are displayed but when you click boom, “You must have this feature” to use this. Very shady way to sell software. Either have it or hide it. Be up front with what you are including.

Good looking
Feature full (Few free features)
Easy to set up
Great communication with support/sales

Very few free features – almost non at all
Paid entry level is $13.95/month

Rochelle was very responsive to email communication and overall that was the best part about this app. She enabled some features to let me try them. It would be nice if the free version was full featured up to X number of registrants. I will not likely be using this app because I feel tricked into buying it and cannot justify the price tag for my small blog. If it was more scaliable in the future I might come back and give it another look.

Edit 2-27-18: Due to the passive-aggressive response below, my opinion of this company and their product has been reduced even more.

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  • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  mbgadam.

Totally worth it! My contests are successful!


Rewards Fuel has been worth the investment. So far with just two contests (and six weeks), my social media profiles have earned over 1200 Facebook LIKEs, 400 Twitter followers, and 550 Instagram followers. Not to mention a nice about of web traffic to targeted pages. Since I am new to contests, I enlisted help from two “contest whisperers” at a modest investment (about $40 each to promote to their established groups), and the results have been great. Before I found Rewards Fuel, I tried a contest without the benefit of a platform like this and the results were just okay (150 Instagram followers). Over the years, I have purchased a lot of Facebook ads. Now I am spending much less, but the results have been much more.

Rewards Fuel is very easy to use. All you need is a little vision for your contest, and you’ll be on your way.

Great tool


Great tool. Very usefull. Works very well.

Great tool, outstanding customer service!


First of all, I have to point out that the customer service is nothing short of spectacular.
With Rochelle, I feel like I have my own VIP customer service agent, that’s not an exaggeration.
She’s always willing to hop on a skype call or chat at any hour, even on Sundays.

After I had discovered a minor bug, not only did Rochelle have the developer fix it almost instantly, but she also upgraded me to the highest plan for finding that bug.

Furthermore, I had a few non-standard requests in terms of functionality, and she immediately passed that on to the developer, who implemented my request within just a few hours.

I can’t think of any other service or software I’ve used where that was even remotely possible. The best you can usually hope for is that in some distant update your requested feature might be implemented.

Brilliant plugin prospects, Awesome Customer Support too!!


I run my FORKSTER Music Promotions Business Website in working with major and undiscovered ace independent music talents well, I have done my share of contests and as of late felt so dejected about the positive prospects of a genuine and unique plugin that I started just manually drafting and thinking of just having the contestants type in their answers in the comment reply box under the post…But something was missing big time and now the contest karma warriors have led me to Contests by Rewards Fuel….

Let me just say that Contests by Rewards Fuel is looking incredibly welcoming at FORKSTER and we plan on using the FREE version for a while with its offerings of superb effectiveness prospects. And if it lives up to my high expectations of it will ‘most definitely’ be looking into upgrading our services with them by mid-2018….

Last but certainly not least, the customer service support has been magnificent and truly have given hope in getting over the hump’ of contest plugin disasters before them and they have not only understood my situation at hand but have acted magnificently in making sure I feel welcomed and confident, thriving there…

I so look forward to rocking out effective contests at FORKSTER now with Contests by Rewards Fuel giving me this tremendous opportunity and faith….

Excellent Plugin! Proactive Support


Very cool app! I run an online radio network and having an easy-to-use, yet robust contest solution like this is fantastic. The free version is already chock-full of features, with a ton of additional options available as upgrades. Very responsive and proactive support team as well. Love it!

Great plugin!


This plugin is great to host your own contests! The free version gives you a lot of possibilities to grow your social media accounts. I am very satisfied and I can recommend this to everybody! PS: Great and fast customer support!

Excellent Plugin!


This plugin was great for audience building. The support team was also very responsive. A must have plugin for running contests!

GREAT Plugin and Customer Support!


First off, I don’t know why there are negative reviews for this plugin, because my experience has been simply great. After searching the web for endless hours and looking at various plugins such as Gleam and Rafflecopter, I finally discovered this one. Not only is it waaaaaaay less expensive than those big-name contest plugins, but it has the same wide range of customization and functionality.

Here’s a breakdown of what I love about this plugin:

1. You can set up your contest using the Rewards Fuel visual editor. It’s really simple with a great user-friendly design.

2. Seamless integration with WordPress.

3. THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS AMAZING. When I had an issue setting up my contest, the people at Rewards Fuel got back to me within about half an hour, fixed the problem, AND gave me a free bonus feature just for the (very small) bit of trouble.

4. The free version has a lot of capabilities, but if you want to upgrade to a more professional version, all the rates are very affordable and it’s a month-by-month payment so there’s no commitment or $300 upfront cost. I recently stopped doing contests so decided to cancel my subscription, and the Rewards Fuel people responded quickly and canceled within about an hour with no issues.

5. Rewards Fuel has all the features of the big-name contest platforms (as I’ve said previously). This includes: instagram entry, Facebook entry, viral share entry, email subscribe entry, twitter entry, and many more.

So, yes, to conclude, you cannot go wrong with this plugin. If I ever start running contests on my website again, Rewards Fuel is where I’ll go.

Better Than Everything


The customer service for Rewards Fuel is fantastic. Extremely responsive. You can tell that they really care about their software and its performance as well as their customers.

The care and thoroughness with which this software is built is excellent. It is so robust. They’ve thought of everything. And it’s so affordable! It’s the perfect solution for any company whether you’re just starting out or have millions of fans.

They are always looking for customer input so if you have something you would like the software to do, if it’s possible they will probably do it for you.

I spent several months researching contest software before selecting Rewards Fuel. I looked a all of them – probably 20 different options – and I chose Rewards Fuel and one other.

My criteria for my contest software selection were:

1. Types of contests available;
2. Mailing list integration;
3. Ease of use;
4. Aesthetics of contest appearance on desktop and mobile;
5. Price.

Rewards Fuel scored very high on all 5 points.

After using the software now for a few months and running several contests, I can say that it’s definitely the best option. And since they’re continually improving it and taking feedback to add new features, I suspect they will continue to be the best.

Really easy to use and great support team!


The plugin is absolutely perfect for my website. It is extremely easy to use and you are quickly able to grow your fan base on social media through the different ways people can enter your contests!

In addition to the easy layout, the support team is really amazing. They respond to any emails very quick and are always able to help with any issues!

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Wordpress contest plugin FAQs

  • Will the Rewards Fuel WordPress plugin help me run a giveaway contest?
  • Yes, you can create an run a contest and giveaway prizes right from your WordPress site.
  • Will this plugin slowdown my site?
  • No, not at all. We handle most of the intense stuff on our servers, this plugin mostly handles the embedding of your contests similar to the way you embed a YouTube video.
  • Will the contest appear on my site or a hosted contest page?
  • Both, you can host the contest directly in any page or post. You may also choose to send people directly to your hosted contest page
  • Do I need WordPress to use these contests?
  • No, you can embed these contests anywhere you like or use your hosted contest page. We have options to embed with JavaScript, WordPress, Shopify or to use AMP frames.
  • What kinds of contests can I run?
  • We have six different types of contests and over 30 different types of entry methods for you to use.
  • Does Rewards Fuel include a winner generator?
  • Absolutely, you can choose to pick winners throughout your contest (daily, weekly winners etc), and or pick winners at the end of your contest. You may award digital or physical prizes, we'll help you with the prize claim.
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