Contests on your WordPress website.

Contests on your WordPress website.

Easily create & display contests on your WordPress website.

Build contests that help you:

  • Gain new followers (Twitter & Instagram).
  • Grow your newsletter lists.
  • Encourage people to share.
  • Give incentive to a wide range of actions.

Comment to Win

Add some incentive to leaving a comment with "Comment to win."

We used Rewards Fuel to grow our newsletter list almost 20% in one week. Thanks!

Posted by Westcomb Outerwear on Thursday, July 30, 2015

How do I add them to a post?

We've made adding a contest to your post as simple as copy and paste. The code looks like this:

[rf_contest contest='674']
This is an example code, you will get your code once you create your contest.

What do they look like?

We created Rewards Fuel to be flexible so you can create the contest look you love.


YES! We offer a 100% free version of our contest software. It's fully functional and does not require you providing a credit card. We have paid versions too if you want more features.

YES! We built Rewards Fuel on Bootstrap, a powerful code library optimized for all devices and screens from mobile to desktop.

Running contests are a great way for you to get a larger audience as well as engage the audience you already have. When people have the chance to win something they will Tweet about it, share it, and do a range of other things just to have a chance. We help you verify the actions were taken in order to enter your contest.

WordPress related features

Auto Entry

Comments posted to your blog can automatically become entries into your contest.

Easy Setup & Automation

Install our WordPress plugin and use the controls right on your post page.

Automatic Monitoring

If you delete a comment during the contest we will remove their entry (silently or with notification).

Embed Anywhere

Embed it on your site (right above the comment form) or use our hosted location that is easily shared to your audience.

Drive More of What Matters

Add a few entry methods together and get your audience sharing your contest for you or joining your newsletter.


Choose from one of four themes with multiple color options.

Add Fuel to What Matters

Add incentive to actions that matter, from getting more newsletter subscribers to adding followers on Instagram, we can help.

Every feature we have created was done so to empower your ability to achieve your goals.

Start your first contest right now.

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