#Hashtag Contests

#UserGeneratedContent that trends.

Ask your contestants to upload a picture or video to Instagram with a specific #hashtag to win your prize; and watch your entries create a beautiful photo or video collage on your website.


What do they look like?

Contest by Rewards Fuel.

Embed them anywhere

Place a Hashtag contest on your website or use our hosted contest page. Think of your contest like a Youtube video, contestants can view the contest on our site or you can easily embed it into your website. If you use WordPress, we've built a plugin that makes running contest simple.

Customize the Look

We know you have a unique look and your contest should match it.

Part of our core philosophy in developing Rewards Fuel was to separate appearance from function. In doing so we have created a theme system that will allow us to quickly create a contest that looks perfect for your business. Choose your colors, fonts, entries, gride size / shape and more. No matter if your site is dark or light in color, if you have a busy layout, or if it's very clean and sparse, we have a look that will work for you.

Works Great on All Devices

Rewards Fuel is responsive, it will look great on any device from mobile phones to desktops.

Beautiful Statistics

What good is a contest without knowing the impact it has had. We integrated our system to work directly with Google Analytics so that we could provide you with real-time information about your giveaway. Who is taking these actions and what does my audience look like? What value am I receiving from running this giveaway? Your contest results are fully tracked.

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