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16 Entry methods and growing.

Thanks to your great ideas, we keep growing the number of ways someone can enter your contest. We support 16 different entry methods and add more weekly (based on your suggestions).

Embed It Anywhere

Place a contest on your website or use our hosted contest page. Think of your contest like a Youtube video, contestants can view the contest on our site or you can easily embed it into your website. If you use WordPress, our plugin makes running contests simple.

Customize the Look

We know you have a unique look and your contest should match it.

Part of our core philosophy was to separate appearance from function. We have created a theme system that allows us to quickly create a contest that looks perfect for your business. Choose your colors, fonts, layout items, images, entry buttons, countdown clocks and more. It doesn’t matter if your site is dark or light in color, if you have a busy layout, or if it's very clean and sparse, we have a look that will work for you.

Works Great on All Devices

Rewards Fuel is responsive. It looks great on any device, from mobile phones to desktops.


We work well with others and take care of connecting to online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Whether it’s asking Twitter if someone is still following youor sending newsletter subscribers directly to your MailChimp list, we communicate to make it all work seamlessly for you.

Full service

We handle the hard work

Running a contest is time consuming. You have to promote it, run it, pick winners and work with the winners on prize claim. We handle the full cycle of events that take place during your contest. All you have to do is watch your email. We do everything else.


Want your contest to only be available in your country? No problem. We can lock your contest down by location.

Combine Entry Methods for Results

Combining entry methods is a great way for you to achieve several of your objectives in one contest. Rewards Fuel allows you to setup as many entry methods as you like and integrate them in any combination. If you want to boost newsletter sign ups and gain new Instagram followers, you can do that with one contest in a few clicks of the mouse. You can even allow people to follow several Instagram accounts to improve their odds of winning. The strategy is up to you. We simply give you the tools to make it happen.

Set Your Contest and Save Time

Automation and saving time is important to everyone these days. Like anything good online, we let you set it and forget it. We have streamlined the creation of the contest process, so you simply answer a few questions to get your contest off the ground.

Once your contest is created, you can automate everything from the contest going live to the winners being chosen and notified.

Automatic Monitoring of All Contestants

Just because someone followed you on Twitter to try and win a prize, doesn't mean they still are. We do all the leg work for you by checking up on verified actions (still following, Retweet hasn't been deleted, Facebook RSVP is still good, etc.) and, if you want, we send notifications to the contestants to let them know they are no longer entered to win, but can still take action to get back in.

Beautiful Statistics

What good is a contest without knowing the impact it has had? We integrated our system to work directly with Google Analytics, so that we could provide you with real-time information about your giveaway. Who is taking these actions and what does my audience look like? What value am I receiving from running this giveaway?

Your contest results are fully tracked.

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